Batman vs SuperMan in I am Legend

Posted by: Michael

So a few days ago a reader emailed me to tell me there is a poster in the movie I Am Legend for the Superman vs Batman movie. I of course was pretty stoked. The reader had emailed me and said;

I don't know if you have seen I am Legend, but in the movie Will Smith is in the year 2009 and walking around New York.  In the movie you can see a large movie poster for Batman Vs Superman movie.

Then got talking about it with other folks who told me its a banner for the comic and not the upcoming movie. Well that is definitely not true. Today Curt emailed me a still photo of the billboard for the movie Batman vs Superman and it is quite clearly for the film and not the comic. Tks to Curt who sent in the photographic proof! I think a Batman vs Superman movie could be cool even if I do not buy into the theory that Batman could last 4 seconds in a fight with Supes.


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