Vin Diesel Updates Us on Riddick Sequel

Posted by: Michael

This past weekend Sheila caught up with Vin Diesel and managed to gleen some updates on the Riddick sequel which has been talked about and been going nowhere for a long time. Pitch Black was one of the greatest horror scifi movies ever made on a shoe string budget and introduced us all to the character of Riddick.

Well he is promising that the new one will bring back the low budget ass kicking feel of the first one. It seems gone will be the hollywood glitz and back will be the brooding, dark and well written story telling. Vin told us;

You remember when I talked about Riddick, I talked about Riddick as being the Fellowship in the Tolkein series, right? I was using “Pitch Black” as “Hobbit,” the independent story that introduces you to the world of Middle Earth and then taking “The Chronicles of Riddick” and treating it as a trilogy that goes from the story that you saw to the “End of Earth” and alternately to “Furia” in the third film.

I always thought that Pitch Black as good as it was, was intended to be a single story. But it seems that Vin had other ideas;

I think a few pictures at a time… You remember with “Chronicles of Riddick” I wanted to do three films at the same time? I'm ambitious like that.  I try to work out stories in service of what I was just talking about and in the way that I approach sequels -- in that Coppola way. I try to think out the story even before we go to shoot the film that's at hand. So, yes I had been thinking about it. I actually brought up the idea of shooting both of the movies back-to-back with Universal, with the president of Universal, and he was like, 'What?! We're just getting our feet back together.'

As far as how far along the movie is he tells us that David Twohy is hard at work writing the third film;

He’s currently writing the third film. It’s hot. But, to answer your question specifically about the scaled down aspect, yes, there is a scaled down portion of this that goes back to the "Pitch Black" style. If you think of “Pitch Black” as an introduction to the world, if you think of "Lord of the Rings," I’m just using it as a parallel. You think of “Lord of the Rings” as three books, a trilogy, you would think of "The Chronicles of Riddick" as the first in that trilogy and there would be two more to follow.

I am pretty excited by the going back to the roots of the film idea. Look for Sheilas entire interview with Vin Diesel early next week!


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