Exclusive Interview Fantastic Mr Fox

Posted by: The Dude

Huzzah! An interview! You're old friend The Dude isn't afforded the opportunity to conduct a lot of interviews. Mostly because whenever I do, I ask bizarre questions, such as the time when I asked Jessica Alba for her fries, or the time I tried to ask Chris Evans for his cheese platter. (My ultimate goal is to get all members of the Fantastic Four to give me food stuffs, and speak honestly about it). However, when the chance presents itself to interview, I will gladly take it, then do something strange with it.

Wes Anderson was the gracious victim kind enough to grant me a one-on-one interview with him this time around. We were supposed to discuss Fantastic Mr. Fox. These are the questions I asked him instead. Seriously.

To reiterate, those are seriously the questions I asked. (The dubbing was to give the Eagle a more noble voice). And now you know why I'm most likely not going to be invited back to interview any more people.

(Special thanks to the Fox people for letting me in the door, The Andrews for their hard work and humor, and Jason Schwartzman for being such a good sport, and who I can totally prove was going along with it the whole time. Should Wes Anderson ever see this and hate it, it was all his idea, I swear).


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