Eric Bana is James Bond? UPDATED

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We reported earlier this week that Pierce Brosnan is a bit miffed and has little interest in the Bond series anymore since they are retiring him after this film. The 'News of the World' reported on August 1st that Eric Bana star of the HULK will be the new James Bond.

The newspaper goes on to say that the movie will begin filming in September.  A so called "insider" told 'News of the World'

"Eric is the guy they want but he has a reputation for being demanding. They want to modernise Bond and turn him into a youthful, suave and modern hero to compete with the likes of Spiderman and Keanu in The Matrix."

Seeing as how they also had Orlando Bloom lined up and are now talking Bloom will play a young Bond in his college years, we will just have to wait and see. Not sure that Eric Bana will make the Bond Series a MATRIX or Spider Man success, but we will see.

UPDATE: Eric Bana's rep has been asked about Bana playing Bond and this is what they had to say, "There's no truth to the story. He hasn't even been approached to play the role".


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